About Us

Company Overview

Probity Investments is your wealth creation partner, dedicated to service excellence, professionalism and expertise in property investment.

We are an Australian real estate company with over 50 years of combined experience in the Australian and international property market. Our team of property professionals have their finger on the pulse of the Australian property market, and are dedicated to helping our clients achieve wealth creation and early retirement through smart property investment decisions.

We are constantly adapting to the ever-changing property market. Our team of salespeople is growing to meet the demand from the increasing number of enquiries from investors and new home buyers looking to capitalize on South East Queensland’s strong property market. Since 2014, we have developed a strong international team, including multi-lingual sales and marketing professionals, a wide range of channel partners in various countries around the world, and a Singapore-based consultancy, taking our services to the global stage.

Our extensive knowledge of the best property locations, builders and developers, product types, and the entire purchase process are at your service. The same is true for our network of professional affiliated service providers who assist our clients with all aspects of the purchase process, e.g. lenders & mortgage brokers, accountants & financial advisers, conveyancing solicitors, insurance providers, building inspectors and property managers.



Our mission is to assist property investors with securing a strong financial future through astute and informed property acquisitions, and to assist first home buyers and new home buyers in finding the perfect property matched to their specific individual needs and wants. We work towards achieving our mission by consistently possessing the strong moral principles, honestly and decency, which is what the word “probity” means. We take these values seriously and incorporate them into all areas of our day to day business.